Undock is building a full end-to-end meeting network, with scheduling as our first public offering.

Predictive Scheduling: We give you scheduling that works like autocomplete.

With a hotkey, you can pull up your calendar directly within your email and propose times conversationally in-line with your text.

The times we show are your best times - based on preferences, behavior, availability, and time zone. We also remember which times you proposed, and to whom, so you never need to worry about double bookings.

While you can also share a booking page, you are not limited to this.

Mutual Availability: We look at the best times for everyone.

Rather than default to one-sided booking pages, we show the optimal available times for everyone in an email thread (regardless of company), based on every individual’s availability, settings, location, and behaviors.

Inbound Processing: Hover over plain-text suggested times in an email to instantly see if that time works for you. By just hovering over a link, we also cross-reference availability against other calendar platforms.

Custom settings: We’re releasing new custom settings for visibility and nuanced situations every day, so you can make the most of your time, without looking at a calendar (eg: capped # of meetings, private profiles).

Platform-Agnostic: We believe meetings are inherently inclusive, so you can keep your current tools if you'd like. We know not everyone you're emailing with has Undock, so Undock works in single-player mode and multi-player mode.

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