Undock definitely works it’s magic if you’re using it solo. Others can still see your best times to meet, book, join, and confirm meetings seamlessly without an account.

What you get in single-player mode:

  • Predictive scheduling (autocomplete for scheduling) based on availability, preferences, behavior, and time zone

  • Conversationally propose meeting times from your email (without looking at a calendar). We’ll surface and suggest the best times (in context) directly in your email.

  • Instantly send times in recipients' time zones

  • Dynamic booking page with custom settings for privacy, visibility, and meeting type

  • “Hold and release” times - send out multiple times without the worry of double booking. Undock holds proposed times and once meetings are confirmed, we release time holds back into your day

  • Inbound processing - hover over plain text time proposals or a calendar link and instantly see if you're available. Book a meeting with a click.

Of course, Undock really shines when your community is onboard. Regardless of their company, timezone, or tool stack, Undock will surface mutual availability instantly. It also is great for teams to quickly display to others when the full team is available.

Scheduling window:

Inbound processing:

Time zone drop-down:

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