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Undock is currently in public beta and we will be updating and improving your experience frequently as we build the most powerful calendar in the galaxy.

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If you’re new to Undock, please visit our Help Center here

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If you need help or want to report a bug, email us at support@undock.com

New Calendar Features


Create different schedules of availability in the Schedules section of account settings. Each schedule allows you to sets unique availability preferences, durations and associated calendar. This is perfect for categorizing Office Hours, Discovery Calls, Product Demos, Interviews and more.

Learn more about Schedules

Calendar Overlay

When you are on another Undock member’s booking page, you'll see your existing calendar events in line with the mutually available times. Guests who don't have Undock can also overlay their calendar.

Learn more about Calendar Overlays

Undock Radar™

When someone sends you an Undock or Calendly link, you can hover the booking page with your mouse to instantly see mutually available times. That’s right -- Undock will check the link for you so you never have to leave your inbox! Calendar scan also works with Hubspot, Calendar(.com) and X(.ai).

Learn more about Radar (Calendar Scan)


View and create meetings directly from Undock. Add meeting agendas, topics, and and notes to your meetings with the robust editor.

Additional Updates


View all of your connections that are also on the Undock calendar network and see your entire meeting history. You can also invite the people you meet with most to Undock to unlock meeting history and instant meeting scheduling.

Superhuman Support

Enjoy the fastest way to schedule meetings inside of Superhuman with our new integration.

Learn more about Undock and Superhuman

Updated Design

Hit the launch key ‘/’ in email to view the redesigned scheduling window. We’ve made it more intuitive to view the best availability for any day.

Learn more about the scheduling window

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